Osintracker V2.5

3 min readNov 14


For this new update, we have focused on the investigator’s visualization of the investigation, both in its overall aspect and through the addition of various entity-specific visual indicators.


New style

The style of entities has been revised for greater visual comfort. Entities are now assigned a pastel color by default (in addition to the icon) to better distinguish them.

Of course, the investigator always has at his disposal the palette of 8 colors (which can be associated with legends) that he can assign to any entity, allowing him to add an extra level of reading.

Adding images

Long-awaited feature: it is now possible to add an image for certain types of entity: animal (generic), company (business), favicon (internet), image (forensic), location (location), logo (business), person (generic), satellite imagery (location).

This has deliberately not been extended to all types. Indeed, it is recommended to use the image entity in general.

Good to know: the image is resized. Square visuals are recommended.


As one of Osintracker’s objectives is to facilitate investigation follow-up, additional information in the form of a badge has been added to each type of entity.

The investigator can therefore assign a badge with a specific meaning to each entity: done, issue, false positive, question, stop or on hold.


Until now, indicating the nationality of a target entity required the creation of a country entity, followed by the creation of a relationship linking the target entity to the country entity. In practice, this proved time-consuming to set up and could unnecessarily complicate the graphic.

To solve this problem, a country flag can be attached to any entity : visibility of the entity’s nationality is now instantaneous.

The graph

The investigator now has the option of masking certain sensitive information displayed on the relationship graph.

This can be particularly useful when exporting as an image, but also when presenting work done on the application to an audience.

Good to know: the graph exported as an image is exactly what the interviewer sees on screen.


Stickers for sale

Official Osintracker stickers are on sale in boutique ko-fi.com. If you like the application, don’t hesitate to get one, as it will allow us to offer new goodies and pay a few running costs!


The DISPARUE(S) CTF organized by Oscar Zulu, with whom Osintracker was a partner, was a huge success with the OSINT community (mainly French-speaking, but not only) with nearly 265 teams.

Note that 3 Osintracker ambassadors finished in the top 11 teams! Well done to them!

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